• Texas Children's Hospital 2014 Community Benefit Report
  • Community Investment

    The programs described in this report reflect the community benefit provided by Texas Children’s Hospital in 2013. Totaling more than $155 million, the specific areas of support include:

    $43.0 million

    Financial Assistance and Means-Tested Government Programs
    Charity care at cost, the unreimbursed cost of Medicaid and means-tested government programs

    $6.3 million

    Community Health Improvement
    Programs or activities focused primarily on improving community health, wellness and safety

    $30.5 million

    Health Professional Education
    Education and training of medical and allied health professionals, nurses, students, interns, residents and fellows 

    $2.0 million

    Subsidized Healthcare Services
    Clinical services provided in response to community need despite financial loss incurred, the majority of which comprises the management of chronic diseases.

    $65.4 million

    Laboratory science and applied research initiatives advancing pediatric medicine

    $8.3 million

    Cash and In-kind Contributions
    Donations, grants and in-kind support to heath care organizations and other community groups 

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